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Store Notify Me

Revolutionary, smarter and intuitive, Store Notify Me App is the ultimate way for customers to subscribe to your Shopify's store and send them automatic and custom notifications, send email campaigns right from your store administration, visualize stats, subscribers list and even out of stock products and much more.

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About Store Notify Me App

Today information and data are one of the most important things for any business, our app handles this by bringing information to customers and shop owners automatically about the events taking place in your Shopify's store, also provides an unobstructed way for customer's subscription...

You just need to follow 3 Simple Steps:


Install our app

Just visit Shopify App Store and install our app, also you get 15 days free, after that time our unbeatable price will give you 90% off related with other apps that only have one of our many functionalities.


Create your unique design

Our subscription component placed automatically in your storefront is highly customizable, you can change elements with just one click; colors, patterns and text, create a unique design.


Engage and notify customers

From now on every subscribed customer will receive automatic email notifications every day about what is happening at your store, you can also send all of them custom email campaigns with one click!.

Doubts? Please see our FAQ's Section


We would like to share a few features about the advantages of integrate Store Notify Me in your Shopify's store.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic Notifications

As store owner you will be automatically notified when someone subscribes to your store, when a product goes out of stock after a sale and your customers will be notified one time per day about new products, rebates products and back to stock products, you just need to do what you do best: Manage your store and we will handle the notifications.

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Custom Notifications

Store Notify Me App is not just about automatic notifications, which are cool but you know, custom notifications are coolest! So right from your store administration, you will be able to send custom notifications to all your subscribers easier than never before, even you can preview the notification before sending. Great right?

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Custom Notifications
Stasts and Subscribers List

Stats and Subscribers List

We love stats, this app will show you some of them, Ex: how many subscribers do you have, how many notifications have been sent, how many visits your store has thanks to our app and how many products have been notified, also you will have access to your subscriber's list and be able to export the list in CSV format.

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Super customizable subscription component

One of the things we love about this app is the subscription component and how customizable it is, you can change almost every aspect of it to make it fit into your store design, elements like position, colors, texts, everything is manageable to create a unique component that will be present on all your store's pages. It's eye-catching and unobstructed at the same time a fresh new way to get subscribers.

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Ultra customizable subscrition component.
Out of stock Products

Out of stock Products

Who store's owner doesn't want to know when a product goes out of stock? And who customer when it's back? Well, problem solve! When a product goes out of stock after a sale you will be notified and when a product returns to stock again your customers will be notified, not enough? We set a section in our app with the list of all your out of stock products so you can easily check that out. Once again, you just have to manage your inventory, we will handle the notifications.

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Take your Shopify's store to the next level!

Make your Shopify's store smarter by using Store Notify Me App and send automatic and custom notifications for you and your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

.01 Will I get a trial period and for how long?

We are offering a trial period for 15 days, after that time a monthly membership will be applied.

.02 If I uninstall the app before the end of my trial period can I install it again and use the remaining days?

Sorry but no. Just be sure before uninstall our app, the 15 days trial period applies only one time per store, if you uninstall the app and then install the app you will not get a trial period again or your remaining days, instead, you will be charged with our monthly fee.

.03 How many custom messages or campaigns can I send?

The answer is...UNLIMITED, we love to keep things simple, you are able to send as many campaigns and custom notifications as you wish, just be sure to not send to many notifications or your subscribers may treat you like some spammer.

.04 How automatic messages work?

Great question! Our app is smart, so "she" will save all your store's activity related to new products, rebates and back to stock products, and once a day(at midnight) will send an automatic notification with a list of items (products with a name, price, and picture) divided into sections: New Products, Rebates Products and Back to Stock Products to each of your customers, based on their subscription criteria. Ex: if someone just gets subscribed for "New Products" that person will not get an email with "Rebates Products" By the way when we said "smart", we said it for real, if you rebate a product 3 times in a day the notification will be sent with only the last price you set.

.05 As store owner, will I receive automatic notifications too?

Yes, Mister Owner! You will be automatically notified right away about new customer subscriptions with the name and the email address of your new subscriber and when a product goes out of stock after a sale with the details of that product.

.06 Can I export my subscribers list?

Of course! With a single click, you will get your entire subscribers list exported to CSV file, ready to use in other servers like MailChimp for instance.

.07 Is it possible to add a new subscriber to my subscriber's list?

Well if you know the name and the email address of someone and you want to add this person to your subscriber's list, simply go to your store and click the floating button and fill the box's form and you got it! For now, you can use this method we are working on a better one.

.08 How much can I modify the subscription component?

Almost everything! From the screen's position to colors, patterns even texts, we set a section only for customization, you will define a separate style for the button and the box. Be sure to create something unique that perfectly integrates with your store design!

.09 Can I use other component to subscribe my clients?

You can always use another component(like Shopify's native) but our app will only work with subscriptions made through our subscribing component. Sorry for that :(

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Store Notify Me

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